Prior to the performance of your One Act at the State Thespian Festival, each Stage Manager and Troupe Director will meet with the Backstage Director of your assigned performance venue. Here is how best to prepare for that meeting.

  1. A conversation will be had on the general rules of the One Act Festival. Make sure to ask any and all questions related to time and procedure. 
  2. Make sure you're clear on where the waiting area and/or dressing rooms are located. Remember troupes the dressing rooms are to be left clean.
  3. You will be shown where the light board and sound controls are located within the booth. Ask any questions related to how to operate this equipment during this time.
  4.  Indicate the areas of the stage you will be lighting and or specific washes you will utilize.
  5.  We'll show you where all head phones are located.
  6.  Make sure you're clear on the definition of the “on stage” and “off stage” area.
  7.  We'll review pre-set rules and post-performance procedure along with your drape options.


  1. Are you using weapons in your show? If so, we need to know ASAP and will need specific details. Contact 
  2. There is to be no open flame at any time, anywhere. 
  3. Do you perform in the morning? Your set pieces, props, etc. can be be stored at the start of the day you perform. Your set pieces, props, etc. need to be removed before lunch.
  4. Do you perform in the afternoon? Your set pieces, props, etc. can be stored in the bay after lunch. Your set pieces, props, etc. need to be removed before dinner.
  5. Make sure you review the National One Act Rules for best preparation.