one act festival Load in/out

To ensure the safety and success of each One Act please adhere to the following during Load In and Load Out of your One Act. 

Morning shows will load in during the first session of the day and then load out at lunch. The the afternoon shows will load in at lunch and will load out after the final show of the day. 


  1. All performance groups will load in by pulling their vehicle to the Towson University Center for the Arts Loading Dock located at the end of Fine Arts Drive. Once a vehicle has unloaded (or is loaded) it must be moved out of the dock as quickly as possible to make room for other groups and their vehicles. Please Note: Persons directing trucks into, and out of the loading dock should never be on the same level as the moving vehicle. Vehicles should be directed from the upper level of the dock. Persons directing vehicles into any loading area must exercise extreme caution at all times.
  2. From the loading dock all materials, props and costumes will be placed into an allotted backstage storage area. Loitering or assembling the set on the loading dock, in the hallways and/or within the backstage storage area is not permitted under any circumstances. 
  3. The backstage storage area is a clearly defined 6’ x 9’ rectangle taped onto the floor of each venue behind the performance space.
  4. Items in the backstage storage area may be placed on top of one another to consolidate space and maximize storage. Items may not be stacked in excess of eight (8) feet high.
  5. Each Troupe will be given a thirty minute make-up and costume period in a dressing room.
  6. No costumes or stage make-up may be worn prior to entering the dressing room.
  7.  A Troupe requiring more time to execute elaborate make-up, hair-dos, or other business must indicate this request on its registration packet. This request should include an estimate of how much additional time will be needed and a description of why it will be needed. Permission will be granted based on this information.
  8. The director and stage manager of each one act are required to attend a meeting with the Back Stage Manager and Booth Manager. There will be a meeting in the morning for the groups going before lunch and a meeting during lunch for the groups going after lunch. Once a Troupe has loaded in its set and props, all those involved except those attending the Stage Manager/Directors’ meeting must leave the area.
  9. Everyone working must wear appropriate shoes. This includes students, directors, sponsors, technicians, helpers, parents, chaperones, and board members. Appropriate footwear includes closed toe, closed heel, low heel shoes such as tennis shoes or work boots. Examples of unacceptable shoes include sandals, flip-flops, slippers, clogs, high heels, sling backs, etc. Follow proper tech etiquette.
  10. All sets must be ready for production prior to loading in. NO EXCEPTION. Unusually complicated construction, sawing, painting, etc. in the opinion of the One Act Manager and/or the Event Manager will not be permitted in any area of the venue.
  11. The venue will not supply tools to any Troupe for set construction, assembly or strike.
  12. The stage wings, loading area, and/or dressing room hallways may not be used as rehearsal space.


  1. All Troupe items/belongings, including but not limited to props, set pieces, costumes, make-up, backpacks, etc, must be removed at the scheduled load-out. Any item left after the scheduled load-out may be discarded and/or result in disqualification.
  2. All personal items must be removed from the dressing rooms. Any item left after the scheduled load-out may be discarded and/or result in disqualification.
  3. At the State Festival, costumes may be placed on portable racks supplied by the venue at the time of your load-in but must be removed during load-out.
  4. Always be alert for moving vehicles during both load-in and load-out.