Maryland Thespians is pleased to offer senior thespians with a declared theatre major and at least a 3.0 GPA the opportunity to audition for collegiate scholarships in the areas of Acting, Musical Theatre, Technical Theatre, and Theatre Service. Your future takes center stage with this wonderful and once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase your talents and help fund your college education.

 International Thespian Festival Scholarship Winners   

International Thespian Festival Scholarship Winners


Before You Begin:
Student thespians may only apply for one scholarship in either Acting, Musical Theatre, Technical Theatre, or Theatre Service. In addition, your Troupe Director must register you as a delegate for the Maryland State Thespian Festival and for a scholarship audition appointment online using the Maryland Thespians Registration System. Please note, you must complete the scholarship application below and upload all required documentation including a recommendation from the Troupe Director by the scholarship application deadline. 

Audition/Interview Process:
In addition to submitting the required application and supporting documents below, students must audition and/or interview at the Maryland State Thespian Festival. Remember: troupe directors must register all scholarship applicants for Senior Scholarships via the online registration system even if submitting a video in the Theatre Service category. This is a wonderful opportunity to personally showcase your talents and discuss your success to date. Specific audition information is explained below. Space is limited, so make sure to submit your application early to guarantee a registered audition and/or interview session. 

Any senior Thespian with a declared theatre major and at least a 3.0 GPA may apply for a scholarship by submitting an online application and recommendation by November 16, 2018. All students who audition must be registered for the conference and be inducted members of their Thespian troupe.  

Application Submission Requirements for All Scholarships:

  1. Theatrical and/or professional resume highlighting your achievements specific to your area of focus and application. Please note that your attached resume must include your G.P.A, ACT and SAT scores and your High School name, address and contact information. 
  2. A letter of recommendation from the student's Troupe Director. Recommendation letters must be submitted online by the application deadline of November 16, 2018.

 Please let your Trope Directors know where to upload their recommendation letter. You will be disqualified if you we do not receive your recommendation by the submission deadline.

  1. Copy of your high school transcript.
  2. A headshot is required.

Additional Audition Requirements for Acting and/or Musical Theatre Scholarships: 

Please prepare two contrasting, age appropriate monologues that highlight your skills and talents. Do not exceed 4 minutes in total for both monologues. However, the length of either monologue may vary. For example, Monologue 1 may be three minutes and Monologue 2 may be one minute or Monologue 1 and Monologue 2 may both be two minutes. 

Prepare one two-minute monologue and a brief musical selection from the musical theatre canon. Do not exceed 4 minutes in total for both your monologue and musical selection. Please note you will need to provide an iPod/MP3 player loaded with your musical accompaniment. Please note: a pianist will not be provided and a capella auditions are not permitted.            

Additional Interview Requirements for Technical Theatre and Theatre Service:

      Students must present a portfolio of their work and artistic accomplishments both in class and in production. Students may interview for one of the following areas of technical theatre:

      1. Set Design
      2. Costume/Makeup Design
      3. Lighting Design
      4. Sound Design
      5. Theatre Marketing
      6. Stage Management
      7. Film.

      Students must create a 3-5 minute video that highlights their personal role within and service contributions to their school theatre program and community. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube and a link must be provided within the scholarship application. Be sure that the link is set to either unlisted and/or public so the selection committe can access the video. Videos uploaded as private will not be accepted. Finalists will be interviewed during festival and the scholarship recipient named during the awards ceremony.