2018 MARYLAND state thespian festival



Event Fee: $15 per team of four (4).

Introduced at the 2014 Maryland State Thespian Festival, Trash Costumes continues to be one of the most sought after events at festival! Troupes compete for the largest audience applause and bragging rights by crafting costumes from a pile of trash! Don't worry our trash is very clean and absolutely safe to play with. Here's how it works:

There will be two (2) rounds of the event with ten (10) schools competing in each round for a total of twenty (20) troupes creating fantastic costumes out of trash. Each school must have four (4) participants on the team. Participating in this fun and creative event helps us in our fundraising efforts for numerous events and grants offered by Maryland Thespians. Register your team today! 


Event Fee: $25 per team.
Teams may be between two (2) and eleven (11) participants.

Show us just how good your theatre technology students are! With teams as small as two (2) and as large as eleven (11), the Tech Challenge is a series of events that are designed to test ones knowledge of the basic skills every technician should have. The combination of team and individual events underline the principle that theatre technicians work alone and in ensemble groups depending on the required task in order to make the production successful. In technical theatre both time and accuracy are critical to a successful outcome. As artists we demand excellence in the tasks we are given, but as technicians we also have to perform the tasks quickly and efficiently so as not to disrupt the production process. This year we anticipate the following challenges to be presented:

  • THE LIGHT FOCUS: One tech must focus a light to fit a shape that is taped on the wall.  
  • THE QUICK CHANGE: Two techs must change our actor out of one costume and into a second costume as fast as they can. 
  • THE SET CHANGE:  Two techs break down and properly put away one scene and then set up the next scene as fast as they can without breaking anything.
  • THE 2x4 SLALOM:  One tech while carrying five water bottles must weave their way through standing 2x4's forwards and then backwards.  Time will be added for each 2x4 that is knocked over. 
  • THE SCREW SORT:  This is for one tech. The bane of having nothing to do, techs know this challenge all too well.  You will have a bucket of screws that must be sorted by size and type while people yell encouraging words. 
  • REVERSE JENGA: This is for two techs.  A pile of 30 - 2x4's of three different sizes will be left on one side of the stage.  First they must be moved to the other side and then stacked no wider than 1 - 2x4's in width. So essentially everything stacked on top of each other. You are done when you have them all stacked and stable. 

Please note: the following events are for your best building techs. Do not place technical theatre students who are not comfortable operating a drill in this event. Technical students with long hair must have it properly secured and be fitted with the appropriate safety glasses.

  • DECON: Two tech will tackle the magic cubes.  Dismantle the cube in less than five minutes. If time expires you are disqualified.
  • RECON: The same two techs try to rebuild the cube in under 7 minutes.