2020 maryland state thespian festival


Maryland Thespians is pleased to offer Thespians in their sophomore, junior or senior year with a forum at the Maryland  State Thespian Festival where students may audition for collegiate programs of study, summer programs, and additional scholarships. Additionally, representatives from colleges and universities are given the opportunity to meet with students who audition and/or interview during the State festival independently.

Students currently in the tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade may audition. Students who wish to audition must have their Troupe Director's register them for the college auditions event using the online festival registration site in addition to submitting a complete application below. The cost for each student interested in auditioning is $15. Students may audition in acting, musical theatre, and/or technical theatre.

You must be present for the entire audition session unless permission has been granted in advance by the audition chairperson. Regrettably, time will not permit oral or written critiques. Your audience may consist of additional students auditioning, college and university representatives, and/or any combination within. No special lighting will be available. You will be provided with one (1) straight back chair. You may not use additional set pieces and the use of props should be avoided. You will be allowed time to briefly set the stage. All auditions will be limited to a maximum of two (2) minutes. If you exceed this time limit, time may be called. Slate as you would for an Individual Event. Introduce yourself by name. For performance based auditions introduce the audition piece(s) by title of show followed by the author, lyristist, and/or composer. For tech presentations simply state that you are presenting your “Tech Portfolio.” Your time begins after slating.

Professional dress is required. Wear clothing that is simple and will allow for easy movement. Costumes are not permitted.

Please prepare two one-minute contrasting monologues (humorous/dramatic; contemporary/classic, etc.). Both monologues should not exceed two minutes in length. 

Please prepare a one minute monologue and a short musical selection from the musical theatre cannon. Both the monologue and the song selection should not to exceed two minutes in length. Accompaniment to musical theatre auditions must be recorded and provided by the student auditioning. A bluetooth speaker will be provided in which you may connect to. Recorded accompaniment may only contain instrumentation. Please be aware that the college auditions may be conducted on a slick surface which is not conducive to dance. Songs that rely on choreography to communicate story should be avoided.

Please prepare to speak for five (5) minutes on a prepared portfolio of designs and sketches and/or a prompt book which illustrates your expertise and skill level.